Figure 1 Shark PaperShark Conservation in the Galapagos Islands
    D. SalinaBioactive Compounds Derived from Marine Algal Species
    Derelict Fishing gear being removed from the oceanA True Environmental Success Story

    PhotoCShark Tagging with Gang Alternative
    tiger sharkShark Tagging with Rutgers
    Image AShark Tagging with UM Summer Scholars
  3. MEDIA

    A large male bull shark is pulled toward the research vessel for sampling and tagging. He was released within five minutes in great condition.Photo of the Week: Bull Shark
    A Great Hammerhead shark sweeps across the sand in Bimini, Bahamas. Photo Credit: Christine ShepardPhoto of the Week: Great Hammerhead
    A fisherman spears an invasive lionfish in the warm, shallow waters of Nassau, Bahamas.Photo of the Week: Invasive Lionfish