Figure 2: Epibiota diversity among giant clam species. The ones shown on the giant clams in each picture are: (a) another clam (b) hard coral (c) algae and (d) a variety of encrusting organisms. (Neo et al. 2015)The Understanding of Giant Clams’ Contributions to Coral Reef Health Continues to Grow
    Picture 2The Consequences of the Indo-Pacific Lionfish invasion into Atlantic Waters
    A cleaner wrasse and a moray eel. (picture by Albert Kok from wikimedia commons)Exploitation and Cooperation by Cleaner Wrasse

    Figure 1: RJD interns help the citizen scientists deploy the lines.Shark tagging with citizen scientists
    BOFFFFs: Big (1.1m), old (ca.100 years), fat (27.2 kg), fertile female fish: Shortraker rockfish (Sebastes borealis). Image Source: Karna McKinney, Alaska Fisheries Science Center, NOAA Fisheries ServiceEvolution of Motherhood: The Importance of Mature Female Fish
    image1Can Facebook be used to increase scientific literacy?
  3. MEDIA

    A large male bull shark is pulled toward the research vessel for sampling and tagging. He was released within five minutes in great condition.Photo of the Week: Bull Shark
    A Great Hammerhead shark sweeps across the sand in Bimini, Bahamas. Photo Credit: Christine ShepardPhoto of the Week: Great Hammerhead
    A fisherman spears an invasive lionfish in the warm, shallow waters of Nassau, Bahamas.Photo of the Week: Invasive Lionfish